Take a Bath Because You Deserve It

Posted by Emily Swarter on

My whole bath I've loved baths, notoriously. I've always been known for taking many of baths. It may even be to an excessive rate, but we won't get into that. Especially during the colder months, nothing soothes me, relaxes me, calms me, or brings me peace like a nice hot bath. Perhaps it's because it is reminiscent of the womb, or recently I've been realizing I have habits very similar to empaths. I.m sure many people wrongly label themselves empathic, and I'd hate to be that person- but this is just my suspicion. 

I know not everyone loves baths as much as I do but if you are an individual who finds benefit in taking baths, I think it's a simple, quick way to show ourselves some love. Light a few candles, throw in a few rose petals, and relax for just a bit. 

What is your bath-time routine?

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