Slavic Paganism & White Ancestors

Posted by Emily Swarter on

Questions have come up regarding previous posts of mine where I mention contacting ancestors. I have never formally mentioned where my ancestors are from nor how I identify spiritually because I really dislike labels. I almost always avoid them. I don't like feeling stuck to just a definition, it feels so limiting when who I am goes so beyond what words can define. 

My ancestors were Russian and many of them were killed in the Holocaust. Records from this time were ruined, so it's very hard to say exactly what type of life they lived but what I can deduct is they were most likely worked to death in Siberia. I have always felt guided by their energy and that is what inspired me to study Slavic Pagan rituals, and herbs. What I've discovered in studying the beliefs and practices of the presences that have always been around me feels profound and safe. 

I do not by any means want my posts to elude to channeling ancestors that were negative, promoted/were evil, racist, colonizers, etc.. If you are a person who knows that your ancestors were a part of that i would suggest uhhhhhhhhhhhhhuhahiuah......... trying something else????


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